The Raven and the Sparrow

Post #4 – Dying Alive

I’m Not Dying While I Live I used to be afraid of death. As a child, I’d have night terrors wherein I’d be facing a huge black hole of nothingness that would swallow me up and I would think, “this is death. This must be what death is. All this nothing.” And I was scared. […]

Post #3 – The Fall Is Short But The Ground Is Hard

I have considered myself in remission from major depressive disorder for a little over a year now. It took me a while to come to that determination and it wasn’t easily arrived at. I certainly didn’t want to declare myself “cured” when there was still much work to be done. And depression has a way […]

Post #2 – Show Yourself Out

Show Yourself Out of My Existence. Thank You. My existence, my opinion and my declarations do not require your approval or acceptance.  My thoughts are my own, my body is my own, and my mind is my own. Don’t try to curtail my thoughts. Don’t touch my body without my permission.  Don’t tell me what I […]