Post #1 – Who Are You?

I am I

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So, my husband asked if people still blog in 2020. Maybe they do, maybe not, but here I am so I guess I count. I’m the last one maybe? Maybe I’m the last one on the bloggy bandwagon, whilst others are far more advanced in their web presence. What can I say? I’m a late, LATE adopter. I mean, when I first heard Nirvana and Dr. Dre back in 1993 (’92?) I was like “Pfffft. Hate it.” But pretty soon I was jamming those cassettes (!) in my boyfriend’s ride non-stop. I didn’t have my own car yet.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed…and a bit scared. I’m trying to do this for all the right reasons. To have an outlet. A venting space. A place where maybe someone else could come and see what I’m about. In case they have the same issues, questions, problems. Whatever. I’m hoping this will give me a voice. Something I’ve been missing for a few years now. And perhaps, something that I contribute will help someone else. That is the hope.

So why do it this way?

  • I’d like to reach a wider audience than just myself? I have ideas, experiences, etc. that I’d like to share in case they might be found useful by someone else.
  • Because Facebook has its limitations. Though I belong to different pages and groups via that platform concerned with my topic, this is more personal and hopefully I will be able to focus it on the significant experiences that I think will help others.
  • The topics I hope to stick to are my life experiences with long-term Major Depressive Disorder as well as anxiety, my drug treatments and their outcomes. I’ve tried so many things and I want to share what has worked and what hasn’t.
  • My ultimate hope is that this medium provides an outlet for me and some information for someone else, be they far or near.

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