Post #2 – Show Yourself Out

Show Yourself Out of My Existence. Thank You.

My existence, my opinion and my declarations do not require your approval or acceptance. 

My thoughts are my own, my body is my own, and my mind is my own. Don’t try to curtail my thoughts. Don’t touch my body without my permission.  Don’t tell me what I should think.

I used to care what you thought of me. I used to care a lot. And it got me nowhere. It gave me nothing, except anxiety and an unstable sense of self. 

I’m a good person. I know this about myself. I’m not perfect, and I don’t need to be. All I need to be is willing to grow, willing to learn and willing to apologize when I’m wrong. I can do all that.  My dignity is not based on your understanding or misunderstanding of me. 

I don’t need you to agree with me. I don’t need you to change your mind. 

So if you don’t like what I have to say, go away. If you want to shame me, keep moving along. All you do is shame yourself by speaking your shame against my truth. Accept that we all aren’t the same and don’t feel the same and don’t have to think the same and that’s okay.

Exception to the rule: If what YOU have to say hurts others, I will stand up to protect them, their rights and their existence against your poison. If I were to do the same, I’d want someone to stop me. I never want to be a weapon against another living spirit. I never want to do harm, if I can avoid it. I will be a shield for others if I can be. I will protect and uplift. This is my goal.

So if you’re not here for the same, show yourself out. I don’t need you in my life. And I’m okay with that. 

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